Customer Oriented Banking Service – के हो ग्राहक मुखी बैंकिङ सेवा (RBB)

Customer Oriented Baking Service – ग्राहक मुखी बैंकिङ सेवा

Who is Customer?

Customer is an individual or business that purchases the goods and services produced by a business. Customers are the key factor for any business to achieve their goals and objectives. A satisfied customer is a key to success for every organization. Therefore every organization tries to satisfy their customer and this can be possible through improved customer relation service (CRS).

Importance of Customer Relation Service (CRS)

  1. For providing services before, after and during the purchasing and using goods.
  2. It helps to retain the existing customer bu building one-to-one relationship.
  3. It creates customer loyalty to ensure that customer return time to time again.
  4. It helps to identify the need and expectation of the customer for future products offers.
  5. It provides customer up-to-date information about company products and services.
  6. Fulfills the corporate and social responsibility (CSR).
  7. It helps to convert the customer to complain into the opportunities.
  8. It helps to increase the market share value.
  9. Maintains the goodwill of the company.
  10. Achieve organizational objective or goal.
  11. Attract new customer by standard customer service

3 Hs are important while providing service to a customer

  • Head to Head
  • Heart to Heart
  • Hand to Hand

Tools, Skills, and Techniques of Customer Relation Service  (CRS)

There are certain customer service skills, techniques that every employee must be master of. Following are the universal skills, a technique that every employee can master that will drastically improve their interaction with a customer.

  1. Patience 
  2. Attentiveness – The ability to listen to customer carefully.
  3. Communication Skill – Sound communication skill helps an employee to address the problems of the customer properly.
  4. Knowledge of Product – Employee should have a deeper knowledge of the product that the company is offering.
  5. Build Quality Support System- Build and Maintain quality customer service to satisfy them.
  6. Retain employees – Company that wants a long relationship with customer need equally healthy relationship with their employees.
  7. User-friendly physical environment –  Everything should be easy to find
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